There are several brands of botulinum toxin available in the UK. Botulinum toxin is the name of the drug, which is marketed under the name of several brands made by different pharmaceutical companies. The most well known is the brand BOTOX, made by Allergan, and since it was the first in the market, the name is now synonymous with botulinum toxin generally. Other brands include AZZALURE, BOCOTURE, XEOMIN and DYSPORT.

In terms of efficacy, there is not much to choose between any of them – they are all just as efficacious as each other, however, the brand I prefer to use in my Sutton Coldfield Cosmetics practice is Azzalure. Azzalure is made by Galderma and was introduced to the UK market in 2009 as the first alternative to the brand Botox. One of the advantages of Azzalure is that the volume of injection is approximately half of that of Botox, and it stays more localized in the muscle – hence I feel it is less prone to side effects such as eyebrow droop. Having done several hundreds of botulinum toxin treatments, I have only had one instance of slight eyebrow droop, which I feel is due to the use of Azzalure (and my excellent injecting technique of course!)

So whilst I would not suggest that one brand is superior to another, a practitioner inevitably settles on a preferred product, and mine is Azzalure. However I know of some of my fellow practitioners who prefer to use Botox. Ultimately, in my view the choice should rest with the client, and  I do have some clients who prefer a particular brand other than Azzalure. So I’m happy to use any brand if that’s the client’s wish.

Gary Fletcher

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